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Some may say that a picture doesn’t do it justice, we beg to differ. Cairns Film offers professional real estate photography and video production services in Montana and the United States. We can highlight the best sides of your property without missing all the details. 


Each property is unique and so is every buyer. We hone in on your demographic through customized real estate video and photography.


Real estate video content brings your property to life and drives the buying decision forward. We can capture every detail using ultra high definition 4K video and 240fps slow motion.







Intrigue potential buyers through stunning high resolution photographs of your structure and property.


featured project

Produced and written by Dr. Lindsey K. Alberston of Montana State University and directed and edited by Greg Cairns and Chet Stefan of Cairns Film. In partnership with the National Science Foundation, Montana State University, San Francisco State University, and the Stroud Water Research Center.

Dr. Albertson often uses this film in presentations on her research. She has two typical audiences; grade school students, and professional researchers at conferences. We thoroughly enjoyed working with macro photography on this project. Science outreach brings together elements of science video production, outdoor video production, and nature video production to create new and unique perspectives.


Greg is wonderful to partner with – kind and responsive. He delivers a quick turnaround and quality work.

Carlie Breen

Greg has been great to work with in post production. A very proficient editor with a keen eye and fine-tuned attention to detail.

Jon Dodson

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All content created by Cairns Film is unique, original, and praised by many. If our work and style is of interest to you, we’d love to hear about how we can come alongside you and do what we do best, so that you can continue doing what you do best.



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